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Stark geschmückt

Ok...time to take the pet for a walk..."here boy....good boy..." 

Reduced to weeping, humiliated misery - and there is nothing he can do but endure. The power that must be flowing at this moment into the Sadist from his helpless captive...

The whole thing could have been easily averted, if he had just followed the rules. Perhaps he was unaware of the hidden cameras all over the estate, whereby his master keeps and eye on his houseboy, throughout the day, while at work. None-the-less, when his master got home, the weekend of punishment and hell, commenced.

 The rules that he so blatantly disregarded are not important; it is the fact that he lied about it, and denied wrongdoing.  

After receiving his lashes, he now finds himself stretched tightly, and spread eagled, to the torture table. The current continues to run, at varied intensity and settings, during the electrotorture facet of his weekend of punishment.  It will end, once the boy has ejaculated all the sperm in his body, and has dry orgasmed at least three times, then, of course, the chastity will be riveted on, for the foreseeable future. 

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See, he's loving it -- just like this dirty little faggot would.  Keep this faggot hard the whole time it is strung up.  It'll even beg for more.

Boi pussy training is a must!

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